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Handmade Art in Small Batches

Collectibles, jewelry, home decor, and more

Roaming Studios, (formerly Bee's Clay Cache), is a well loved and personable store that has continually featured a variety of unique products since its start in 2015. 

New Beginning

I created this business as a young teen and in addition to partnering with my husband Cullen, I have learned and changed so much as a small business owner. What we have to offer has grown immensely and so the decision to change our name became the right choice to better represent us now and moving forward. Thank you for your continued support as we enter this new chapter of our business journey, we are happy to have you along for the ride! 


Bethany Berfield

Founder & CEO



My name is Bethany Berfield

I started my art journey about 8 years ago and I continue to evolve my skills and style today. Be sure to check out my social pages and come back to visit again soon!

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New Arrivals

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